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The Most Advanced Workforce Analytics
& Planning Suite Ever Created

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Integrate. Quantify. Predict.

SolveTM Pro leverages critical data within your company to provide the very best in predictive and value driven analytics for your workforce management. If you’re looking for the most comprehensive solution to complete your workforce analytics journey, SolveTM Pro is it.

Global Data, Focused Insights

All Your Data in One Place

Solve logo simple transparentSolveTM Pro uses a proprietary data blueprinting system to reliably integrate data from all corners of your business. SolveTM can successfully integrate data from your current finance, BI, HR and sales systems to drive true predictive analytics for your workforce decision making. Once data has been mapped, Solve’sTM built in data blueprinting system cleanses and applies its rigorous data standards to ensure the highest quality insights into your workforce data.


SaaS Cloud Based

SaaS Based

Your Data, Safe and Sound

 Built to Provide Piece of Mind

SolveTM is serious about security. No personally identifiable information (PII) is collected at any stage of the SolveTM Pro process, keeping your critical data where it belongs, safe and sound.

Why Choose SolveTM?

Powerful Benchmarking

See how your company compares to its peers on a variety of critical workforce measures. Solve’sTM proprietary database of thousands of companies takes care of all the work for you, allowing you benchmarking capabilities never before available.

Intuitive Scenario Modeling

Go beyond static charts and model your potential workforce decisions with Solve’sTM integrated Scenario Modeler. Want to forecast the impact of training investments or accurately estimate the bottom-line impact of future hiring decisions? Start your first step toward true predictive analytics with SolveTM Pro!

Flexible Data Drill Down

SolveTM offers unmatched data drill-down capabilities for your data. Slice your data by job category, location, and more to get the insights you need easily and effectively, all from your SolveTM Dashboard.

True Predictive Capabilities

What is missing from most of the workforce analytics solutions on the market? The answer isn’t surprising – True predictive capabilities. Most software solutions claim to have it but fall well short when it comes time to put it into action. SolveTM products are the result of thousands of hours of workforce analytics consulting and millions of dollars in company savings all driven by true predictive models and measures. SolveTM takes care of the heavy lifting to bring HR back to the table as a strategic partner in their business.

Expert Consultants Included

SolveTM Pro comes with expert workforce consultants included to guide your way setting up and using your new workforce analytics platform. They also assist with the data cleansing, upload and integration process so you know you’re getting the most from your data.

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