The Most Comprehensive Guide to Workforce Metrics

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Critical & Best-in-Class Metrics at Your Fingertips

SOLVETM Metrics brings the best workforce analytics and planning metrics to your desktop. Adapted from HCMI’s popular Human Capital Metrics Library, this online library gives you access to all 620 metrics or just the metric categories you need.

SOLVETM Metrics also includes over 100 best-in-class metrics along with detailed explanations, applications and practices to take your workforce analytics programs to the next level. Establish measurement standards, identify critical metrics, and develop the foundation for your analytics program… do all of this with SOLVETM Metrics.

11 Metric Categories

SOLVETM Metrics gives you the flexibility you need to answer some of your biggest workforce measurement challenges. With a variety of specific metric categories, you can utilize the ones that you need. Or if you would like a more robust metrics solution, you can access all 620 metrics for one great price.

  1. Cost, Revenue and Profit Optimization
  2. Recruiting and Hiring
  3. Training
  4. Leadership and Development
  5. Engagement
  6. Productivity and Performance
  7. Compensation and Benefits
  8. Human Resources and Center of Excellence
  9. Measurement, Structure and Headcount
  10. Mobility and Career Development
  11. Turnover and Retention
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Full access to SOLVETM Metrics is included with every membership of SOLVETM Dashboards and SOLVETM Pro.