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Can Your Dashboards…

  1. Predict future impacts?
  2. Quantify the financial impact of workforce metric changes?
  3. Model in real-time analytics to improve future results?
  4. Provide metrics that REALLY matter, like “Learning Effectiveness” or “Quality of Hire?”

Why You’ll Love Solve Dashboards

    1. Short Implementation – Up and running in 3 to 5 days
    2. True Predictive Capability – Measure, manage and predict
    3. Powerful Benchmark Data – Industry specific benchmarks
    4. “What-if” Modeling – Real time changes to optimize results
    5. Expert Consultants – Customized insights and recommendations
    6. HR Metrics to Financial ROI – Workforce linkage to $$$ impact

Your Analytics Delivered… in 3 Easy Steps

  • Choose your Dashboards
  • Easily and securely upload your data
  • Begin using your SolveTM Dashboards

Choose Focused Dashboard Solutions

Recruiting Dashboard

Manage Your Talent Pipeline Like Never Before

This pre-built Solve™ Dashboard has already been programed with the best-in-class metrics, measures, and statistical models you need to bring all your business data together at your fingertips.  Get critical insights that will allow you answer some of your toughest workforce questions.

  • Where does our best talent come from?
  • What is new hire average time-to-full productivity?
  • How do we measure the quality of our new hires?
  • Plus many more…

With Your Recruiting Dashboard

  • Measure quality of hire
  • Benchmark key metrics like time to fill, retention
  • Quantify recruiting and hiring impact
  • Predict results of recruiting strategies and metrics
  • Model “what-if” scenarios to optimize future results
  • Create foundation for HR analytics excellence

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Learning Effectiveness Dashboard

Measure the Effectiveness of Your Training Programs

Learning Effectiveness is one of the most difficult measurements to get right – not anymore.  Using targeted metrics along with some of the most advanced modeling techniques, Solve’s™ Learning Effectiveness Dashboard makes it easier than ever before.  Answer questions like:

  • What is the link between our training and firm profitability?
  • Where do our training investments have the biggest impact?
  • What training programs are delivering measurable results?
  • How do we use concrete data to justify our training spend?

With Your Learning Effectiveness Dashboard

  • Measure training effectiveness
  • Benchmark key training metrics
  • Quantify $$$ impact of training
  • Predict future training effectiveness metrics
  • Model “what-if” scenarios to optimize future results
  • Create foundation for HR analytics excellence

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Intuitive Data Integration

Get Insights Faster with Solve’s Quick and Easy Setup!

Solve makes it easy to get up and running with your workforce analytics. Simply follow our detailed step-by-step instructions included with every Solve Dashboard to quickly and easily uploaded your data to Solve’s secure servers.

Once uploaded, our expert workforce analytics consultants will clean and integrate your data into your chosen dashboard. Once set up, you can choose a monthly or quarterly update to begin building a data history. It’s really that simple.

Not sure you have enough data? No problem, our experienced staff will help guide you through the data management process and will develop proxy measures that will allow you best leverage what you have available.

Bad data or no data, Solve Dashboards can help you get started with workforce analytics!

Integrated Human Capital Metrics Library

Access to Over 600 Workforce Measures

Every Solve Dashboard subscription comes with unlimited access to Solve’s Human Capital Metrics Library, the most comprehensive collection of workforce metrics ever created.  Solve’s Human Capital Metrics Library contains detailed explanations of 620 workforce metrics including clear definitions and calculations, as well as a detailed guide for best-in-class implementation and usage.

This library gives you the power you need to set standards regarding your workforce measurement and analytics implementation along with the knowledge of how each metric is calculated and why it is important. Couple this valuable library with any of Solve’s Workforce Analytics & Planning Dashboards, and you already have a powerful analytics package at your fingertips ready to deliver the insights you need.

Built for Your Entire Team

For HR

  • Executive Summary
  • Quantified Impact
  • Robust Benchmarks

For Analysts

  • Easy Import & Export
  • Metrics Definitions
  • Consultant Support

For IT

  • Secure Database
  • Online Training
  • Low Cost Saas Model

Expert Training & Support Staff

Guides You From Start to Finish

Every Solve™ Product comes with outstanding support from experienced workforce analytics & planning experts. When you join the Solve™ family, we’ll immediately set up a one-to-one consultation to introduce you to your Dashboards. Your new personal consultant will help with the setup and training for your new dashboards.

When using a Solve™ product, you can be assured the best guidance and support all through your workforce analytics & planning journey.

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